Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow business

Well it's been a while....  So what have I been up to? 

Mostly, I've been preparing pieces for the Open Studio event with Linda which takes place this weekend, weather permitting. If the snow eases off now, it would be good to think that people will take a chance and drive out to the beautiful North Northumberland countryside this weekend to visit the studio and enjoy this unusual November weather.  I wont be surprised if Linda and I have to drink all the mulled wine and eat all of the home-made soup and hot scones ourselves though...   

Look, it's beautiful:

I must admit that I have really enjoyed this bout of snowy weather.  I love the way it changes the pace of life and brings people out on foot into the streets. I've spoken to neighbours up the road from me this week, who I've never exchanged words with in nearly 3 years of living in my street.  There's been a real sense of community for once - people helping each other out of various sticky situations.  Harv and I have spent a lot of the weekend pushing cars out of snow and clearing neighbours' drive ways, etc. It's been good exercise and a lot of fun!  Long may it go on, I say.

So a couple of things to report:

John and Simon very kindly insulated the roof in my workshop which really does feel like a workshop now. It's pretty cosy, even in this chilly spell. The insulation board has made the room a lot lighter too, being so reflective, which was a surprising additional benefit:

The Printing Project is almost completed, although it's all a bit touch and go whether I'll make the hand-in deadline having missed a day at college this week because the Ceramics Studio was closed due to issues with staff getting in through the snow, so not all of my final pieces are fired yet.  Here are some of my ceramic buttons with work-related symbols that will go into my 'Box':

And I've put together a good few lanterns for the weekend.  Here's some of them:

And finally...  I made it into the University's Newslink publication, alongside Linda:  http://www.ncl.ac.uk/press.office/newslink/item/it-problem-leads-to-a-creative-partnership  Fame at last! :-)

I'm ready for a rest now.  I've never really been a fan of Christmas, but I'll still enjoy the break when it comes, like anyone else!  And I must admit, I do like the lights... and the mulled wine.

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