Sunday, 6 February 2011


Well I can't really let this day go by without mentioning the match, can I?  WHAT a game!  If anyone is ever looking for a definition for the phrase, "football is a game of two halves", then they need look no further than the Newcastle-Arsenal game today.  4-0 to Arsenal by half-time, and Newcastle looking completely destroyed in one of the worst first half efforts I've ever seen at SJP, and then....  (dunno what Pardew said during the half-time team talk, but he needs to keep saying it!) almost victorious at 4-4, in a fast and furious second half where Newcastle were just ON FIRE!

Brilliant brilliant game.  Lindsay summed it up after the 4th Newcastle goal went in, "I've got goosebumps from top to toe, I feel like I've been drinking champagne!". 

The crowd noise was just amazing.  Imagine if we'd got that 5th goal!  I reckon they'd have heard us in Sunderland. Oh... the trials and tribulations of supporting Newcastle Utd.

And as for Handy Andy Carroll?  Was he a victim or a victor of his own success?  Will we ever know?

It's really sad that he's gone, he was so exciting to watch and worked so hard for the team. And he got us plenty of goals which was the main thing!!  He was also one of our (few!) hopes for the future.  I don't blame him for going - it's (probably) a good career move and it'll likely set him up for life financially (well it ought to!!) and broaden his horizons... maybe. It's just a shame that things always seem to boil down to money.  It's depressing that we wont get to see him play again at SJP in black and white, and it's going to be interesting to see the crowd reaction when he returns home with Liverpool....

Ceramics news to follow.... 

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