Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Anchors away Colocini and Twitter!

At last the caves are finished - front, back and sides!  I just need some kind of a miracle now to get them off of the board they're on and on to a kiln shelf!  (Anyone got any suggestions....!?)

Honestly... I do have some ideas for transferring them to the kiln  no worries about that at the moment.  (Like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand.... I will move on...)

I have now begun work on the next of my Blue Reef pieces, the full size version of the 'anchor'...

Model of anchor
The clay sections are all prepared for joining together. Early days though.
Great to be getting going on the next piece.  I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.  Shame I have to go back to my day job tomorrow!

So what else has been happening lately?

Against all odds and my better judgement, I decided to join Twitter. I am @ambientceramics if anyone cares to follow me! (To put into perspective how momentous this was: my colleagues in the IT dept at Newcastle Uni commented that Hell must have frozen over...)  I did this partly just to check out what it was all about and partly because I thought that if I was going to criticise something so vehemently, I'd better be damn sure I knew what I was talking about.  Now I hate to admit that I find I'm eating most of my words and tweeting the rest! I actually really like Twitter.  'Like', in the old-fashioned and new sense.  I have found out about so many great events from Twitter, and discovered stacks of new artists and new work that I'm sure I'd never have bothered to look at by simply 'browsing' the web. So it's not just a load of pointless and inane 'witterings-on' as I'd thought it was.  It's not all good though!  Tour de France + Twitter results in a potent mix that is far more addictive than EPO....

Who'd have thought it, eh?  Finally sucked in by the social network!  Resistance is futile and all that.  Still... I'm in good company it seems.

And at least 70% of my day was spent making stuff out of clay so that's alright.

In other news... I didn't mention this at the time it was announced and I should have.  I am so pleased to hear that Colocini has been given the Newcastle United captaincy:  Not just because he is a truly wonderful defender and a great team player (and has the best curly hair in the world - obviously), but because we really couldn't bear another team to be singing the best football song ever!

I Googled for his song and found various YouTubes but as most of them are of such poor quality as to be almost unbearable to listen to, I decided that this had to be the one:

Best of luck for the coming season Colo!

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  1. Are you going to put this with African cichlids? They love caves and places to hide. It would be beautiful and a tank compared anything I've ever seen. AWSOME work, I followd your story the wholeway through.
    God bless you take care!
    Angela from Texas