Thursday, 6 September 2012

Waking up in time for autumn...

At last, my ceramic caves are in position at Blue Reef Aquarium. It's lovely for me to see them actually in use! They're in a great tank with some really beautiful fish swimming around and through them.  The contrast between the bright colours of the fish and the muted browns of the unglazed clay is perfect.  A true living work of art!  I'm so pleased with them.

And!  I made it into the local press:

So...  what about other news...  ?

Summer came and went... and I did not blog because I felt no compulsion to do so and there's no point wittering on if you've nothing much to say. I feel as if I've been in hibernation over the past few months, which is clearly wrong because one does not hibernate in summer!  But sometimes things get turned upside down and you just have to go with it. But... now I'm back and coming out of my hole just in time for autumn !   :-|


Tomorrow night I'm planning to go the Biscuit Factory's Autumn Preview, having been invited by virtue of being on the mailing list of various participating artists, including one of my all-time favourites, Kevin Day, who will be exhibiting new works.  It's bound to be a brilliant exhibition - the Biscuit Factory always has stunning work on show.  Can't wait!

A week on Monday, it's back to school when my BA Creative Practice starts at Newcastle College.  I have no idea what I'll be doing exactly but I've been told to turn up at 1pm at the LifeStyle Academy so I'll just take it from there.... and report back later on that one....

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