Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year from NE30 to IP12 x

Happily, as the years go by, some things don't change much. The coastline at Tynemouth and Cullercoats was truly fabulous today. For the first time in (what seems like!) weeks the sun was shining and everyone (and their dog!) was out and about enjoying a New Year's Eve wander along our beautiful seashores.
Johnny and I arrived in Tynemouth about 11:30am and headed for Crusoes Cafe for breakfast. It was absolutely heaving, but no surprise - what a fantastic place! Fancy not having been there before! What was I thinking?
(I've decided that Crusoes could be a great venue for the UK leg of my 50th birthday celebrations...)

 After we'd stuffed ourselves with our respective bacon and vegetarian breakfast butties, John and I  wandered off towards the Priory... along the beach, over the rocks, searching for signs of life in the pools and taking lots of photos.  The weather just kept getting better and better until there was not a sign of a cloud in the sky.  The wind was quite strong off the land but this just made the breakers more interesting and blew our 2012 cobwebs away into the North Sea:
(that's my first ever YouTube upload btw!)
One of the reasons I love going to visit the coast is because I find so much artistic inspiration whenever I go there.  Today was no exception, so many unusual and beautiful rocks, and the pools were full of crystal clear water and all edged with lovely purple furry sea plants and jammed full of thick strappy seaweeds....

Looks alive this one...

 The sea was so beautiful once the sun came out with lots of fine spray from the strong winds and the breakers catching the light....
It was an all-round wonderful day, thoroughly appreciated, and, as promised, 
I'm sending a few postcards from NE30 to IP12 with much love

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