Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pots in the Byre

Last night I went to the preview evening for Pots in the Byre. This is a lovely exhibition of the work of a really diverse group of ceramic artists - everything from sculptural work for indoors and outdoors, to domestic-ware, to decorative jewellery.... to lemon squeezers and garlic crushers!   

The exhibition is being held in a converted byre at Broadwood Studios at the beautiful Broadwood Hall:

Among the exhibitors is our own, Andrew Pentland (see previous blog) - he has some truly fabulous domestic ware on show. 

Unfortunately - and most unusually - I forgot to take my camera! So, no photos from the exhibition itself from me just yet.  However, here is a photo of some of Andrew's work that I bought at another recent exhibition:

(he made the lovely blue vase in the background too)
Andrew has lots of examples of bowls and cups like these in the Pots in the Byre exhibition, as well as large serving dishes, garlic crushers, olive oil bottles, mugs, plates... etc... many with beautiful ash detail from the wood-firing.

The Pots in the Byre exhibition is well worth a visit, it is open on all weekends from now until Sunday, 3rd July (i.e. the next 3 weeks).  The easiest way to find the the exhibition is to head towards Allendale (just type Google Maps Allendale into your search engine) and then follow the Pots in the Byre signs to Broadwood Hall.

I'll be back with some proper photos of the exhibition next week!

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