Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I haven't time to write a proper blog post at the moment as I am busy preparing for the Open Studio Exhibition, which starts this Friday:

In the meantime, though, here are some images I took at the Newcastle College Ceramics and Fine Art Foundation Degree Final Shows.  As well as ceramic works by students on my course, there are also some pictures of pictures(!) and some sculptural works by students on other Newcastle College Art courses.  The Final Shows go on all week, and are definitely worth a visit - there's such a lot of varied work on show; my photos show only a small selection of what's there.  The Shows are spread through Mandela and Trevelyan Buildings on the College Campus (

These pieces by Katharine Adams are a personal favourite. 
Just exquisite - so beautifully made.

These are Katharine's too.  So talented!

Carolyn Marr

Annie Ravazzolo
Corin Nesbit

Kimberly Bell

Lorna Beasley

Miguel Coelho

The above two paintings are by Petra Ondrova - I think they are fabulous!

Holidays on the Moon
This is an hilarious piece of work - with a message. One of a series of very funny pieces.
It was made by a guy called John Purvis - check out his blog:

Josh Donnelly

 The next few pics are of some very pretty and intricate work made by our
mate and fellow kiln-builder, Steve Nicholson. 

Everyone loved these pieces and you can see why. 
Steve really pushed the material to its limits in
making these....

 Steve and Sue having a bit of an arty conflab.

Will be back here soon with news of the Art Tour....

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