Saturday, 23 October 2010


During the winter of 2007 I discovered that I had a love of working with clay. I don't use the term, work in the usual sense.  Getting my hands into a lump of clay is one of the most absorbing and pleasurable activities I can think of.  One of them.

The truth is that my love of making things out of mud goes back a lot further.  I used to sit on the ground outside my house as a very young child and make 'clay mice' out of the garden mud and bake them on the pavement in the scorching hot summers we seemed to have back then.

But my real adventures in ceramics began when I joined a night class entitled,  Ceramics for Beginners at Newcastle College, led by a wonderful teacher, Jane Hufton.  Jane's enthusiasm and encouragement led me on to further night classes and eventually to embarking on a foundation degree at the College.

Having studied part-time for 3 years I'm now in Year 2 of my degree course !  It's been an interesting and quite varied journey so far.  But more about that later.

For now, a few pics of some of those early night class pieces....


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