Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I'm pleased to say that I've been asked to include some of my work in Linda Scott-Robinson's Open Studio event at the start of December:  http://www.mindrumart.co.uk/  I know Linda through IT-related things at Newcastle University.  Linda manages the University's Sport Centre IT needs, amongst various other roles!  One day we got talking about arty subjects and I discovered that she is a really fabulous painter.

I am very grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to show (and maybe even sell) some of my work at her exhibition.

As Linda's paintings are so lively and colourful and vibrant,  I've decided to try and complement them with some very simple lighting forms using little or no glazing.  So... I've been in the garage 'workshop' again this evening doing a little work on the first few.  The form is one I've used before and it seems to work quite well. I like to keep the lighting holes fairly small and subtle so that the lights just give a gentle ambient glow - the shadows on the wall from these pieces are really lovely. 

These are all greenware....

And here's one I made earlier that's been fired:

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