Sunday, 24 October 2010

Space of my own

Thought I'd do a couple of separate posts today to get into the swing.  First of all, here are some pictures of my work spaces.  I have 2 main work spaces:  the ceramics studio at Newcastle College and my garage!  Newcastle College have a well-equiped studio with 4 light and airy rooms.  Here's me working in the Glazing Room:

This is of our end of module assessment for the Cup Project, in the biggest studio:

The Cup Project was my first experience with throwing. Part of the remit was to throw 6 cyclinders of indentical appearance and volume.  It was a traumatic time...  The items I produced did hold liquid but that was their only similarity with the cup as we know it!  Nevermind, I did get a lot better at throwing.  It just took practice - as with most things.

The other work space I mentioned was my garage at home in Fenham in Newcastle:

Our garage has never seen a car.  It has seen plenty of cycles and a lot of pottery.  It isn't the perfect room for pottery but it is very useful to have a space to work where I am free to make a mess!  Unfortunately though, there are no windows so light is poor, and during the wintertime it is unbearably cold. Even at this time of year, it's pretty chilly. Hence the very useful woolley hats hanging on the wall! (Thanks Jenny!) I did invest in a heater but as insulation is poor (and ventilation very good!), this has not proved very efficient.  I need a proper workshop really and it is high on my agenda to find one.

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